How To Create Unlimited Coffee Business Name Ideas

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Sometimes coming up with a business name is one of the most challenging parts of starting a business. It is easy to go back and forth between business name options.

Or maybe you are stuck even coming up with any names at all. If that is the case, the following tips and business name generation tools may help you start brainstorming.

Before we dive into the different business name generation tools, I want to discuss some options for coming up with names on your own.

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Brainstorming Coffee Business Name Ideas On Your Own

Coming up with a business name for your coffee store doesn’t have to feel like a stressful project. It can actually be fun, especially if you bounce your ideas off of someone else.

Having fun with the process can lead to some really cool and fun business name ideas.

What Has Meaning for You?

One option is to think about what holds meaning for you. Why did you start your coffee business? What is your mission?

Jot down any key words that come to mind as you ask yourself these questions.

What is Your Niche?

Another good idea is to consider your coffee niche. Meaning, who is your target audience? A great example of this is the Black Rifle Coffee Company.

black rifle coffee company

This is a veteran owned coffee company and you can tell that their niche revolves around the military.

Another example is Death Wish Coffee. Their niche is to make the world’s strongest coffee. There is definitely an audience that enjoys highly caffeinated coffee.

death wish coffee company

Think about who your target audience is and create a list of key words that resonate with you.

Action Words + Coffee Company

You can also brainstorm action words and add coffee company to the end. Some ideas that come to mind are Flying Coffee Company or Kicking Coffee Company. You get the idea.

Adjective + Noun + Coffee Company

Like action words, you can also explore adjectives with a noun. Blue Bottle Coffee is a good example of this. You can come up with some really cool names with this strategy.

Here are some that have come to mind:

  • Green Cap Coffee
  • Blue Mood Coffee
  • Plush Life Coffee
  • Comfy Coffee

I have no idea if any of those names are available but it was fun brainstorming!

Business Name Generators for Coffee Names

If you want to speed up the brainstorming process, you can utilize some business name generator tools.

There are several of them available. Some good options include:

These tools essentially do the same as above when you’re brainstorming manually. They add adjectives and nouns to whatever keyword you type in.

You can get a lot of great ideas with these generators. I would make a list of the ones that you like most and then narrow it down from there.

What to Do Once You’ve Chosen a Name

The first thing you should do is register your domain name. You can do this with any domain registrar. I use and recommend

Your domain name is essential because it is the web address you will use for your online store.

I also recommend setting up all of your social media accounts. You don’t necessarily need to be active on all of them but at least create your account names.

Good social media platforms to consider include Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and a YouTube channel.

Closing Thoughts On Coffee Business Name Ideas

I hope these ideas and tools will help you on your way to choosing an awesome business name.

More than anything, have fun with the brainstorming process. There are so many options you can go with. Once you have settled on your name, you can continue on with the process of setting up shop.

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