Use Dripshipper to Start Dropshipping Coffee with Shopify

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Dropshipping coffee is one of the easiest ways to start an online coffee business. It enables you to private label, build a brand, and save money on start-up costs. The Dripshipper app offers an easy way to get started.

Dripshipper is a Shopify store app that enables anyone to start their own online coffee business. Dripshipper connects your Shopify store with coffee roasting suppliers so that you can easily add products, fulfill orders, and grow your business.

Using Dripshipper is really easy. I’ll share my experience with setting it up so that you can decide if it is the best option for your coffee business.

How the Dripshipper App Works

This app works seamlessly with Shopify. Currently, this app sources coffee from two coffee roasting suppliers based in the U.S.

There are 40 different coffees that you can choose from to import into your Shopify store. Once the app is connected to your store, you can upload your logo and it will be added to a pre-made label of your choosing.

You can then choose from different varieties of coffee. Adding them to your store is as simple as clicking the import button below each coffee.

The app also automates the fulfillment process when you do receive new orders. Dripshipper syncs your orders with the roasters automatically. When you sell a product, the supplier will fulfill the order automatically.

It is quite a hands-free business besides ensuring customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer service.

Pros and Cons of Dripshipper

It is always a good idea to consider some of the pros and cons of using a service such as this. Dropshipping definitely has pros and cons.

After testing out this app, I can share what I feel are some pros and cons to consider.


No Need to Search for Coffee Roasting Suppliers

This app alleviates having to search for private label dropshipping coffee suppliers by sourcing from high-quality coffee roasters in the U.S. Different suppliers have different requirements to dropship with them. Some may have dropshipping fees, others do not offer wholesale pricing, and some may even have a minimum order requirement.

Works Seamlessly with Shopify

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms online. It is user-friendly and has everything you need to start selling right away. It is also reasonably priced with the basic plan starting at $29 per month.

Automates the Dropshipping Process

When working with most dropshipping coffee roasters, you sometimes have to send in your own labels and bags. Dripshipper enables you to upload your logo which will be placed on the pre-made coffee labels they offer. Each time you receive an order, the app automatically sends the order to the supplier, and the supplier ships the coffee to your customer.

Shipping Costs Added to the Total Cost

Your price per bag includes the shipping cost to any U.S. address. The app lets you choose your own pricing and calculates how much you can earn per bag sold. You can offer free shipping to your customers which can boost sales.


You Don’t Have a Large Choice of Coffee Suppliers

If there is a particular coffee roaster that you want to work with, you’ll have to form that working relationship on your own. Otherwise, you are limited to the coffee roasters that Dripshipper sources from.

No Control Over Products and Shipping

This is the nature of dropshipping. You don’t have any control over the product, nor do you have any control over shipping. That means you may encounter late shipments or a customer not receiving their item at all. This should not occur often but be prepared to offer excellent customer service.

Three Easy Steps to Set Up Dripshipper

Setting up your online coffee store couldn’t be easier using this app. I was able to set up my own sample coffee store in three steps.

There are more steps involved such as editing your Shopify store theme. However, the initial set-up only requires three basic steps.

Step 1: Open a Shopify Store

The first thing you’ll need to do is to create a store on Shopify. It is a fast and simple process. You’ll need to have a name for your business.

Sign up to Shopify and fill in a few text fields. Your store will be created within a matter of seconds.

You’ll need your store’s URL which will look similar to “”.

Copy the URL so that you can paste it into Dripshipper in the next step.

Step 2: Open a Dripshipper Account

The next step is to open an account on Dripshipper. Choose the plan you want and after you submit, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.

There will be an option to connect your Shopify store. Paste in your store’s URL and Dripshipper and Shopfiy will connect.

The Dripshipper app will be inside of your Shopify admin under the “Apps” menu tab.

Step 3: Create a Logo for Your Labels

You can outsource your logo creation to a design company like 99designs or do it yourself using Canva. The logo specifications for the coffee labels are 1500×1500 pixels and a transparent background.

Building Your Coffee Brand

There is more to dropshipping coffee than simply creating a store. You want to sell as much coffee as possible and that begins with creating a brand.

Coffee is a billion-dollar industry and there is no shortage of coffee roasters to buy from. One thing that sets them apart is the branding.

You can create an amazing brand for your business. It starts with choosing your niche. Who is your target audience?

For example, there are some coffee brands that focus on those that like their coffee highly caffeinated.

Or you can create a brand based on something you are passionate about. Coffee can relate to almost anything.

Are you passionate about island living? You can create a coffee brand based on a relaxed, island-style feel.

Coffee branding is unlimited. You are only limited by your imagination.

Closing Thoughts On Using Dripshipper

I think the Dripshipper app is an excellent way to begin selling coffee online. You can be up and running quickly while building your company’s brand.

The app automates the entire process and your coffee is being supplied by top-quality coffee roasters.

Whole bean coffee is roasted the same day it ships and ground coffee is roasted the day after an order is placed to allow for gassing.

Dripshipper makes starting a coffee business quick and easy. Start your free trial here.


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