7 Private Label Coffee Dropship Suppliers for Selling Coffee Online

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Hello there my fellow coffee lover! You are likely in the process of researching private label coffee dropship suppliers to start up your own online coffee business. You’ve come to the right place as I am going to help narrow down your options and show you what to look out for before launching.

A private label coffee dropshipping supplier is a coffee roasting company that allows others to sell their coffee under a different name. These companies also do order fulfillment by dropshipping orders directly to your customers for you.

Before I outline these suppliers, I want to share some important details that you need to know before choosing a supplier. You absolutely do not need to choose any from this list but these details will help you moving forward with doing your own research.

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Private Label Coffee Dropship Suppliers

  • Temecula Coffee Roasters
  • Aroma Ridge
  • Old Chicago Coffee Co.
  • Dripshipper
  • Blessed Bean Coffee
  • Seattle Gourmet Coffee

Five Details to Consider Before Dropshipping Coffee

private label coffee dropship - bag of coffee beans

Upon doing research for private label coffee dropship suppliers, I noticed several details that I felt were important to keep in mind. The following will help you out as you do your own research for private label coffee roasters.

1. Creating Your Own Roast

Some private label roasters do require that you create your own roast. Many will guide you through the process so that they can create your preferred roast. If you want to ensure that you can create your own, ask this question before choosing a supplier.

2. Ordering Samples

Whether or not you create your own roast, it is important that you can order samples of the end product that you want to sell. After all, your company’s name will be on the labels, you want to ensure that what you offer is of the highest quality.

3. Bags and Labels

Speaking of labels, you should definitely ask if it is required of you to supply your own bags and labels. Some dropship coffee suppliers will supply the bags and print your labels (often for a fee), while others will not. You may have to ship your bags and labels to your supplier.

4. Dropshipping Fees

Depending on the coffee supplier, there may be a set-up fee or possibly a dropshipping fee. If there is a dropshipping fee, you will be charged a small fee per order. This will cut into your profit so find out about any possible fees before you begin selling.

5. Wholesale Pricing

Not all coffee dropship suppliers offer a reduced price or wholesale price. That means you will earn very little per bag if you have to pay retail.

Private Label Coffee Dropshippers

Here are six private label coffee roasters to help you on your way to launching your own online coffee business.

Temecula Coffee Roasters

The Temecula Coffee Roasters have no minimum order requirements. They do not provide labels so you will need to have yours designed. You can choose from 39 offerings of single origin blended and flavored coffees. There are no monthly fees and minimal start-up costs.

Aroma Ridge

This coffee roaster has been in the coffee business for more than twenty years. What is great about Aroma Ridge is that they offer wholesale pricing as well as bags. You will need to supply your own labels but they do offer to print your labels for an additional fee.

There is a non-refundable starting cost of $100 and there is a a service charge of $3.25 per order. You will need to create your own roast as they do not allow reselling of their signature blends or special flavored coffees.

Old Chicago Coffee Co.

Wholesale pricing is offered with Old Chicago Coffee Co. They can print your labels in black & white or you can send in your labels. They do have a $35 set-up fee but no dropshipping fee. There is a monthly fee of $10.

There is no minimum order requirement and they offer a wide variety of private label coffee options including bag sizes.


If you were already planning to open your coffee store using Shopify, you may want to consider the Dripshipper app. It is a coffee dropshipping app made especially for Shopify.

They are a coffee roaster that created the app to make it easy to sell and dropship their coffee using the Shopify platform. The app has a 14-day free trial and then a monthly fee of $25.

You may want to checkout the user reviews for this app. Some users complain about the price of a bag of coffee (about $10) which means very little profit left for you after you take into account paying for advertising.

Blessed Bean Coffee

The Blessed Bean Coffee company does not require you to create your own roast. You can private label any of the coffees they offer. They also provide bags in various sizes and will print your labels for you (send them your graphics file.)

There wasn’t much details offered in terms of wholesale pricing or any other fees. You will need to reach out to them with further questions.

Seattle Gourmet Coffee

There wasn’t much information offered on the Seattle Gourmet Coffee dropshipping page. They do not offer bags or labels so you will need to supply them. You will need to contact them with additional questions.


CRDLE is a B2B e-Commerce platform that makes it easy to source from Africa. Luckily, that’s where some of the best coffee originates! CRDLE has a growing range of coffee companies located in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Many of them are open to private-label coffee partnerships. 

To get started, you can contact CRDLE on their website and ask to be matched with one of their suppliers. You will need to pay for your own samples, but after that, you can get started ordering with a small minimum order of 1 pallet (around 200 bags depending on the size of your bag).

Launching Your Coffee Dropshipping Store

Once you have narrowed down your dropshipping suppliers, it is time to open your online store. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use Shopify.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform and it is really easy to use. You can begin setting up your own store in minutes.

Their basic plan starts at $29 per month. There is a payment gateway already built in and there are tons of Shopify apps that you can add on for additional features.

Even better, you can test out Shopify with a 2-week free trial.

Closing Thoughts On Private Label Coffee Dropshipping

I hope this post has helped you in your search for private label coffee dropship suppliers. Dropshipping is a low-cost and low-risk way to begin selling coffee online.

While there are many suppliers to choose from, it is important to ask questions and figure out your costs. Overall, it is a great online business model for beginners.

You can build your coffee brand without expensive start-up costs or the need to roast, pack, and ship coffee to your customers.


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