Private Label Coffee with No Minimums

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When starting a business selling coffee, keeping costs low is essential. One of the ways to do that is by private labeling. While there are many private label coffee roasters, finding ones that have no minimums is ideal.

Having no minimum order requirement can help you save money. In this post, I’ll share some options for private label coffee with no minimums.

I’ll also share some options for opening up your own online coffee store.

Private Label Coffee Roasters with No Minimum Order Required

What’s great about these coffee roasters is that they do not have a minimum order requirement. That can help with starting up your own coffee business.

Temecula Coffee Roasters

This coffee roaster is based out of California. They offer wholesale, private label, and dropshipping services. They have over 40+ varieties of coffee and they can direct ship to a warehouse or dropship to your customers.

They have no minimum order requirements and competitive pricing.


West Coffee Company

This roaster offers private labeling of their North American grown coffee. They roast all private label coffee to order and bags start at around $7. There are no minimum order quantities and quick turnaround times.


Path Coffee Roasters

This coffee roaster offers private label dropshipping. There are no recurring fees and no minimums on fulfilled orders. They fulfill your orders as they come in.

They also provide printed labels on-demand and wholesale pricing. I’ve highlighted Path Coffee in the past as they have years of experience with private labeling and dropshipping.


Old Chicago Coffee Co.

If you are seeking another experienced private label dropshipping coffee roaster, you’ll like what Old Chicago Coffee Co. has to offer.

There are no minimum order requirements, no dropshipping fees, plenty of private label bag options, and more.


How to Sell Private Label Coffee Online

Selling private label coffee is a matter of deciding on your niche, creating a brand, choosing a coffee roaster, and setting up your online store.

Let’s break down what each of these means.

Choosing a Coffee Niche

Coffee is a broad niche and there are many subniches that fall under it. What is a coffee niche? Think about the different types of coffee drinkers out there.

Everyone prepares and drinks their coffee differently. Here are some coffee niche ideas that you could create your brand around:

  • strong coffee (highly caffeinated)
  • organic coffee
  • cold brew coffee
  • decaf coffee drinkers
  • coffee for athletes
  • keto coffee

You get the idea. The reason why niches work is that it provides less competition when attracting web traffic and social media traffic.

Creating a Brand

This should be the most fun aspect of starting your coffee business. You likely have a personal brand idea that you like.

For instance, are you a Sci-Fi geek? You could create a coffee brand related to Sci-Fi. What about a fitness fanatic? Many people like drinking keto coffee beverages.

Create a brand that you love as it makes it easier to promote your coffee. You’ll feel proud of your coffee products and the more enthused you are, the more your customers will be excited as well.

Choosing a Coffee Roaster

There are so many options in terms of private label coffee roasters, it’s important to reach out to each company that you are interested in and ask some key questions.

Here are some questions to consider asking each coffee supplier:

  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
  • Will I need to supply my custom coffee bags and labels?
  • Are there any additional fees?
  • Can I create a custom blend?

The coffee roasters listed above are only scratching the surface of what is available. Be sure to so further research of your own for other coffee roasters.

What About Dropshipping Coffee?

Dropshipping is another option for private label coffee. If you don’t have the means to store the coffee that you buy or don’t want to deal with packing and shipping, dropshipping is a good way to go.

Many coffee roasters will private label coffee and roast to order before dropshipping to your customers.

The profit margins won’t be as high but it can still provide a low-cost way to start your own online coffee business.

Check out the Dripshipper Shopify app. It enables you to private label and dropship coffee with a Shopify store.

Open your Shopify store with a 14-day FREE trial.

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Store

No online store will make money without web traffic. You can either use paid or free traffic strategies.

I am experienced in free traffic generation methods. One of the best free traffic strategies is to create a blog and write blog posts related to your coffee niche.

For example, if the niche you’re targeting is keto coffee drinkers, then write blog posts related to the keto lifestyle.

Recommend and link back to the products in your online store. The key is to be consistent with writing new blog posts.

Over time, your content will be indexed and ranked in the search engines such as Google and Bing.

Free traffic can last for years to come! The key is to write new posts on a regular basis and stay consistent.

Social Media Accounts

It can be overwhelming for anyone to manage more than one social media account. I recommend choosing one platform, learning the ins and outs of using it, and building a following.

Instagram is great for promoting coffee. You can share pictures of your coffee beans and create stories of brewing your coffee.

Run contests and offer discounts and sales to accumulate new customers. Social media also requires consistent effort.

Posting often is what helps to build a following faster.

Closing Thoughts

Sourcing your coffee from coffee roasters with no minimum order requirements is a great way to launch your own online business.

It enables you to buy the right amount of coffee that you can afford when starting out. Dropshipping is another low-cost and low-risk option for starting out.

Sign up with Shopify’s free trial and launch your coffee business today.


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