Private Label Instant Coffee Suppliers

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Instant coffee is in demand by many coffee drinkers for one reason or another. Did you know that you can private label instant coffee also?

Private label instant coffee suppliers make it possible for you to begin selling your own brand of instant coffee in your cafe or online store.

It enables beginners to launch their own coffee business without the startup costs associated with roasting and processing the beans.

The following suppliers may offer a great starting point for resourcing private label instant coffee.

Private Label Instant Coffee Manufacturers

  • All American Coffee
  • Raptis Coffee
  • Coffee Buy Direct
  • Bandit Coffee Co.

All American Coffee

This coffee company has over 30 years of experience in the coffee industry. Their products include green coffee, liquid coffee concentrate, and instant coffee.

All American Coffee offers bulk and private label instant coffee. They partner with instant coffee manufacturers in India, Vietnam, and Colombia.

Their instant coffee is made with 100% natural coffee beans and they offer 100% coffee blends, Robusta, and arabica coffee blends as well as 100% robusta coffee blends.

You can request a quote at the website below.


Raptis Coffee

The Raptis Coffee roasters is a family-owned small business and offers both wholesale and private label coffee options.

They offer blends, flavored coffee, and single origin. The private label options include:

  • retail products like 12oz to 5lb bags
  • single serve
  • frac-packs or portion packs
  • pack in bulk
  • instant coffee available in bulk as well

If you don’t have your own bags, they can provide you with single-color bags with a front and back label. They can also package using your own printed bags.

You can also speak with them about dropshipping options.


Coffee Buy Direct

This coffee supplier has been in business for 25 years and is based out of California. They specialize in a proprietary gourmet coffee blend infused with plant-based ingredients.

Their coffee and raw ingredients are sourced from the best local farmers in Central & South America and Southeast Asia.

Coffee Buy Direct has over 20 years of experience in the instant coffee industry and has hands-on experience of the entire cycle from selecting raw ingredients, working with certified manufacturing facilities, and producing the finished product.

You can request more information on their website below.


Bandit Coffee

The Bandit Coffee Company is based out of Los Angeles and sources its coffee beans from Peru.

They are one of the first companies to use nitro proprietary packaging to preserve the freshness and aroma after the beans have been roasted.

Unopened bags of Bandit Coffee can stay fresh for up to a year.

All of their instant coffee is sourced from Columbia. They offer both co-packing and private labeling for whole bean, roasted, and instant coffee.

You can reach out to them on their contact page below.


Why Sell Instant Coffee?

Don’t underestimate the demand for instant coffee. According to the Statista website, instant coffee sales for 2021 amounts to $14 million in sales.

Revenue in the Instant Coffee segment amounts to US$14,542.0m in 2021. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.66% (CAGR 2021-2025).

There is a high demand for instant coffee.

Who Drinks Instant Coffee?

Well, let’s consider the name: instant coffee. It means that this coffee is easy to make; just add hot water.

Therefore it is great for amateur coffee drinkers, campers, people on the go, and even some fitness enthusiasts.

Some people prefer instant coffee for one reason or another. No matter the reason, there is a demand and you can meet it by private labeling.

Should You Dropship Instant Coffee?

Some of the private label instant coffee suppliers do offer dropshipping. However, it isn’t necessary when you consider that instant coffee can stay fresh for quite a long time when properly packaged and stored.

If you’re wondering what is the shelf life of instant coffee, sources online state that instant coffee can last for several years when properly stored.

Therefore, you can actually make more profit by shipping your private label coffee versus having it dropshipped by the coffee roaster.

Open Your Own Online Coffee Store

Getting your own coffee store up and running is extremely easy. Using an eCommerce platform like Shopify, you can have your store open in a matter of minutes.

You’ll need to have some essentials such as a logo for your company, a domain name, product images, and descriptions.

Create each of your coffee product pages, add your description, and set your pricing.

Once you have all of your products uploaded, it is a matter of marketing your online store. You can accomplish this through free and paid methods.

Free methods can include blogging, social media, and a YouTube channel. Paid methods would require using paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Closing Thoughts On Private Label Instant Coffee

Instant coffee definitely has a large audience similar to those that buy k-cup coffee. If you are seeking to expand your product line or want to focus on a specific coffee niche, then instant coffee may be a great addition.

I hope these instant coffee suppliers offer a great starting point for you. Reach out to these suppliers and find out more.

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