6 Private Label K-Cup Manufacturers

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K-cups are in high demand as many coffee drinkers use Keurig coffee makers on a daily basis. Whether used at home or at the office, K-cup coffee makers are popular and K-cups are bought on a regular basis.

As a coffee seller, you have the perfect opportunity to sell K-cups and the way to do this is by locating private label K-cup manufacturers.

You will find some great options below as a starting point for private labeling K-cups and selling them in your online store.

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Private Label K-Cup Manufacturers

  • Custom K-Cup
  • Joe’s Garage Coffee
  • Intelligent Blends
  • Abstract Coffee
  • Alpine Coffee
  • PBFY Flexible Packaging

Custom K-Cup

This company is a private label K-cup manufacturer. Custom K-Cup has over 25 years of co-packing experience.

The company was established in 1996 and is based out of Philadelphia. The K-cup packing options can start with your own beans or select from their catalog of beans.

Custom K-Cup can provide single origin, fair trade, or proprietary coffee blend concepts. They can handle roasting, grinding, and packaging.

URL: https://customkcup.com

Joe’s Garage Coffee

I really like everything that Joe’s Garage has to offer. They cover everything when it comes to private labeling coffee.

They even help you to sell your private label coffee on Amazon if that is the platform you want to sell on.

As for K-cups, they offer many benefits. Some of these include:

  • recyclable lid and cup (#5)
  • compatible with all Keurig brewers
  • uniquely engineered filter system
  • nitrogen flushed
  • high oxygen barrier cup
  • low minimums starting at 400 lbs
  • high quantity output capacity

Joe’s Garage also offers fast and flexible services such as roast-to-order, co-packaging, toll-roasting, custom print retail-ready cartons, 3-week lead time on reorders, and more.

URL: https://joesgaragecoffee.com/products/cups-for-keurig/

Intelligent Blends

This company was established in 2013 (based out of Southern California) and specializes in recyclable K-cups, compatible with Nespresso capsules, stick packs, biodegradable PLA Tea Sachets, bagged and filter pack coffee.

Some of the benefits of sourcing K-cups from Intelligent Blends includes:

  • certified recyclable
  • customizable (branding and coffee)
  • maximized extraction
  • turnkey solution
  • cost-effective

Get more details by contacting the company directly.

URL: https://intelligentblends.com/single-serve-k-cup-pods/

Abstract Coffee

Here is another quality private label coffee supplier that also specializes in private label single-serve coffee. Abstract Coffee is a boutique coffee importing company with a unique network of coffee farm relationships throughout South America.

There are four steps that Abstract Coffee takes to create your private label K-cups. They are as follow:

  • business analysis
  • create and choose your coffee
  • choose a quantity
  • design process

Their single-serve coffee cups are compatible with all Keurig brewers.

URL: https://abstractcoffee.com/single-serve-coffee

Alpine Coffee

The Alpine Coffee company is an exporter, importer, broker, and roaster. After cupping, grading, and buying, all coffees are shipped to Englewood CO, for roasting.

They offer some great benefits for single-serve coffee co-packing:

  • 19 different flavor options
  • holds 12 grams of coffee (33% more than national brands)
  • eco-friendly
  • compatible with any Keurig brewer
  • unique digital printing for lids
  • lid inventory management

You can even qualify for custom K-cup boxes with large enough orders.

URL: https://www.alpinecoffee.com/private-label-co-pack

PBFY Flexible Packaging

The PBFY company is a manufacturer and distributor of flexible packaging bags, coffee packaging bags, food packaging bags, restaurant packaging, pouches, films, custom printed labels, and other products.

You can customize your own single-serve coffee pods with custom printed lids and 12-count boxes.

Some of what PBFY offers in terms of K-cups include:

  • compost pods
  • eco-pods
  • coffee pod custom lids
  • 12-pack coffee pod display boxes

If you are not ready for submitting a large order, they also offer stock coffee pods and boxes.

URL: https://pbfy.com/custom-single-serve-coffee-pods-boxes/

Is Single-Serve Coffee Worth Selling?

According to the National Coffee Association, 40% of coffee drinkers own a single-serve coffee maker. [Source: Statista.com]

This probably doesn’t include the single-serve coffee makers in office settings or other places of business such as car dealerships.

There is a large market for K-cups and you can cash in on this market by private labeling your own single-serve coffee pods.

The above options are a great place to start with locating and establishing a relationship with a private label K-cup manufacturer.

Adding K-cups to your coffee product offerings is a great way to help boost sales and provide another option for single-serve coffee drinkers.

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