Two Free Ways to Promote Your Online Coffee Store for More Sales

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It is exciting to have your own eCommerce business, especially when you’re selling a product that you love.

No matter how much you love your online coffee store, you won’t make any sales if you do not know how to drive traffic to it.

Although paid ads are always an option, it is important to learn how to drive free web traffic as well.

Once you develop this skill, you can sell anything that you want. I’ll share two powerful and free traffic generation methods that you can start today.

I use these methods in my own online business and both provide me free targeted traffic every day.

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Promote Your Online Coffee Store with a Blog & YouTube

I have experience in internet marketing. My passion for marketing online is part of the reason this blog and my YouTube channel exist.

Learning how to generate free targeted traffic has a small learning curve. The most challenging part is staying consistent with creating content.

The two methods I use and recommend are niche blogging and a YouTube channel. Both methods will deliver great results so if you are only interested in one or the other, you can still get plenty of traffic.

What is a Niche Blog?

A niche blog is a blog that focuses on one specific topic. In your case, you’ll be in the coffee niche. The goal is to get targeted visitors to your online store.

Therefore, you’ll want to create content (blog posts) that address the questions and concerns of your niche audience.

Coffee is a pretty broad niche. If you wanted to, you could choose a subniche. For example, create a niche blog about coffee makers.

Review various coffee makers, espresso machines, etc. Within your product reviews, you can recommend and link back to your different coffee products in your store.

If you want to keep it general, you can create categories within your blog such as:

  • brewing coffee
  • coffee beans
  • ice coffee
  • roasting coffee
  • coffee machines

What You Need to Get Started with a Blog

There isn’t very much that you need to get your blog up. In fact, if you choose to sell your coffee using Shopify, you’ll already have a blog built in.

Otherwise, you can create a new blog and still link back to your store from your blog posts.

There are only three things that you need when starting a new blog:

  • a domain name
  • web hosting
  • WordPress

You can get all three items above from any commercial web hosting provider. I recommend either SiteGround or WPX.

Why a Blog Works So Well for Free Traffic

A blog receives web traffic because the content that you write is what eventually gets indexed and ranked in the search engines.

The content that you write will be based around keyword research. That simply means searching for keyword phrases that people in your niche type into the search engines.

I use free keyword tools such as You can type in general keyword phrases like “coffee beans” and it will return Google autosuggest results.

You can generate a lot of blog post ideas from doing keyword research.

Then the blog posts you write will eventually rank for some of those keywords. That is how you receive free targeted visitors.

It takes time for your blog posts to rank but when they do, you can get free traffic that lasts for years to come.

Imagine a percentage of your web visitors clicking on your store links and buying the coffee that you sell.

That is what’s possible with free traffic from a blog.

Flowchart of traffic from a blog and YouTube channel

Why Create a YouTube Channel?

It took me awhile to incorporate YouTube into my marketing campaigns. However, I’m so glad that I did because it has done wonders in terms of traffic and sales.

I promote a lot of different products online and many of my sales are due to YouTube traffic.

If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, I recommend creating one. Being in the coffee niche, there are plenty of videos that you can create.

You could create user tutorials on how to brew coffee, grind coffee beans, keep coffee fresh, and more.

I understand if you are hesitant to put yourself on video. Believe me, I was as well. You can make videos without having to be in them.

However, being in your videos makes them more personable. With each video that you create, it will become easier and easier.

It doesn’t even phase me to be in my videos anymore. I will occasionally create no-face videos when I am doing tutorials.

I’ve found that both types of videos can do very well. Most people are more interested in the information that you’re providing versus whether you’re actually in the video.

Utilize Your YouTube Video Descriptions

Don’t underestimate the power of your video descriptions. Make sure you fill it out. Write a brief paragraph about what your video is about.

Add links back to your blog and to your actual product pages. I’ve received many sales by adding links in my video descriptions.

I really do feel that anyone selling coffee online should have a YouTube channel. It is not only great for free traffic but for branding purposes as well.

Closing Thoughts On Free Traffic and Your Online Coffee Store

Once you learn how to drive free traffic to your store, you’ll have a skill set that you can use to earn income online no matter what you are selling.

Of course there are other social media platforms that you can utilize for free targeted traffic. Consider Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

It can be a bit overwhelming managing all of those social media platforms. That is why I recommend starting off with YouTube and a blog.

Once you’ve gained some traction on both, you can move on to the next free traffic source.

The key to making blogging and YouTube work well for you is consistency. Stay consistent with your content creation and it will pay off better than you can imagine.


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