Start Selling Your Coffee Online with SamCart 1-Page Sales Page

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Typically, opening your own online coffee store involves using an eCommerce platform such as Shopify. In most cases, you’ll want to use a catalog store to showcase all of the products that you carry.

What if you could start selling your coffee online and boost your sales by using a 1-page sales page? SamCart is the first (and only) direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform. It’s built to sell products, not brands.

That means that you can place focus on one product, highlighting all of its features, and the checkout is directly below the sales copy.

Potential customers do not have to add a product to cart, then click over to a checkout page in order to buy your product. By using SamCart, you can create unlimited product pages that focus on each product specifically.

I use SamCart myself so I’ll go into more detail below.

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How You Can Possibly Sell More Coffee Using SamCart

For most coffee sellers, the overall goal is to sell more coffee. A catalog store can definitely accomplish this. However, a 1-page sales page can place a visitor’s focus directly on the product and sell it on one page.

Check out a sample SamCart sales page below:

selling your coffee online - samcart sales page
Sample SamCart sales page

In the above image, you can see it is a product page for an avocado powder. This could easily be a bag of coffee beans you are selling.

You can actually use the same template above and change out the images, text, and colors. As you can see, the page is designed to highlight the product.

It points out its features and benefits. As a potential customer scrolls down the sales page and is finally ready to buy the product, the checkout section is located at the bottom of the page.

The visitor does not have to add the product to cart and then click over to another checkout page to buy the item.

Everything is on one page which can significantly help with boosting sales.

Make Even More Sales with Upsells

Another cool feature with SamCart is their upsell feature. This means that you can add an upsell right before the checkout section of the page.

An upsell could be an additional bag of coffee beans at a discounted price or another product that you are selling in your business.

samcart upsell feature
SamCart upsell feature

The upsell feature is part of SamCart’s Grow plan.

SamCart is User-Friendly

No technical background is needed to use SamCart. It is user-friendly and drag-and-drop. You can make your sales page look any way that you want or you can use a pre-made template and modify it.

Below is a video I created demonstrating how to upload a new product in SamCart and modify a sales page.

How to Promote Your Product Pages

Having a great sales page is essential to making sales. Yet, if you have no visitors to your sales page, there is no one to buy your coffee.

There are many ways in which you can begin driving visitors to your sales page. I will outline some free ways to get your first visitors.

Create a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel is one of the best free ways to generate targeted visitors to your sales pages. Creating a YouTube channel has helped me tremendously with making sales of my own product that I host on SamCart.

You’ll want to create helpful content on YouTube as you would on a blog. Demonstrate how to grind coffee beans, brew the perfect cup, etc.

The more videos you create, the more views you will have and the more your subscriber base will grow.

You can link to your coffee sales pages underneath your YouTube video descriptions. It is a great way to not only make sales but to also build your brand.

Utilize Instagram to Make Sales

Many business owners make sales using their Instagram accounts. Of course, you’ll need to post quite often. It is also about using appropriate hashtags to attract followers.

Instagram stories is also quite effective. For some people, Instagram is an excellent platform for generating sales.

I’ve never quite mastered it for myself. YouTube has been more effective for my business. It’s a good idea to test out all social media and get a feel for which one works for you.

Start a Coffee Blog

I highly recommend starting a blog no matter which other advertising methods you choose. Writing new blog posts on a consistent basis can bring tons of free traffic to your sales pages for years.

Create helpful content related to coffee and do it at least 1 to 2 times per week. Over the span of 6-months to a year, you will be surprised at how much traffic you can drive to your sales pages.

Pin Your Content On Pinterest

Pinterest is another great and free option for generating traffic. I’ll be honest, I am not big into Pinterest but many people have great success with sending tons of traffic to their websites.

The only thing I’ve ever read about doing so is to join Pinterest groups, re-pin other people’s content, and pin your own on a regular basis.

There are some Pinterest courses out there that you can find and follow. I’d probably go that route myself as I have no desire for using Pinterest other than for increasing traffic.

What About Paid Ads?

Another option for driving consistent traffic is by using paid advertising. Facebook ads is still a popular option for this. I’ve dabbled in using Facebook ads but it can get quite expensive.

If you are a beginner, you can spend a lot on ads without a return on your investment. I would proceed with caution or at least take a course on how to make the most out of your ad budget.

Besides using Facebook ads, you can also pay for ads on Instagram (which is part of Facebook), Google ads, and even Pinterest ads.

Learn as much about using paid ads before diving in. It is far too easy to spend much more than you make.

Closing Thoughts On Selling Your Coffee Online with SamCart

Using SamCart for selling your coffee online may be an ideal option if you are not necessarily wanting to use a catalog store like Shopify.

SamCart lets you create unlimited product pages on all of their packages. I use SamCart and I like the 1-page sales page option.

It enables me to highlight my product and I know that having the checkout on the same page increases the chances of someone buying.

You can test out SamCart for selling your coffee by using their 14-day free trial. It really is the best way to test it out for yourself.


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