5 Places to Buy Wholesale Coffee Beans in Los Angeles

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Do you reside in or near Los Angeles and seeking out wholesale coffee beans to sell in your cafe or online store? In this post, I outline several locations to buy wholesale coffee beans in Los Angeles.

Sourcing your coffee beans locally enable you to provide the freshest beans possible to your customers. LA is a large city and there are bound to be plenty of options for you to choose from.

Hopefully, the options below will provide you with some good options to consider.

Wholesale Coffee Beans in Los Angeles

  • Jetty Coffee Roasters
  • Groundwork
  • Black Drop Coffee
  • Toasted and Roasted
  • City Bean Roasters

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1. Jetty Coffee Roasters

The Jetty Coffee Roasters was founded on the west side of Los Angeles in 2017. They are located in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles.

They offer three blends to include Angeleno House Blend, Breakwater Espresso, and El Jefe Signature Dark Roast.

Applying for their wholesale program is simply a matter of filling out a contact form.

2. Groundwork

The Groundwork coffee roasters was founded 30 years ago in Venice Beach, CA. Starting off as a small roasting company, they have expanded with cafés opening all along the West Coast, a growing line of cold brew coffees, and two very busy roasteries, in Los Angeles and Portland.

Their wholesale program supplies coffee to restaurants, hotels, cafés, and grocery stores in a growing number of states across the country.

Besides that, they even offer guidance as well as barista training if you need it for your business.

3. Black Drop Coffee

The Black Drop Coffee company is based out of San Gabriel, CA. They control the entire process from hand selecting the best grown coffees and hand-craft roasting.

Besides offering a wholesale program they also have private labeling. In order to inquire about wholesaling beans you will need to reach out to them by phone.

4. Toasted and Roasted

The Toasted and Roasted company is based in the heart of Melrose in Los Angeles. They are a micro coffee roaster and cafe. They were founded in 2016 by a husband and wife team.

They use the highest grade of beans, responsibly sourced through direct trade with farmers from around the world. Simply fill out a form to inquire about their wholesale program.

5. City Bean Roasters

The City Bean Roasters are located off West Jefferson Boulevard in Los Angeles. They are 100% family owned and ownership receives no after-tax profit.

They are an employee centered business distributing 20% of their after-tax profits back to their staff regardless of position. Their coffee beans are sustainably sourced.

The wholesale program is opened to businesses of all sizes. You can reach out to them by phone or filling out an online form.

Start Selling Coffee Online

There are multiple ways to start selling coffee online. You can buy your beans wholesale, private label beans, become an affiliate marketer, or join a coffee MLM company.

One of the better strategies is to create an online store of your own. Affiliate marketing is a good option if you do not want to deal with packing & shipping or customer service.

I wouldn’t recommend joining a multilevel marketing company to sell coffee. You often end up spending more than you’ll ever bring in.

Opening your own store is simple with the right software. In this case, I recommend trying out Shopify. You can have your own store in minutes.

Then it is a matter of customizing your store with the products that you want to carry.

Coffee Stores That Use Shopify

There are some successful coffee companies that use Shopify for their businesses. Some of them include:

How to Sell Wholesale Coffee Beans Without Private Labeling

Private labeling is an easy and low-cost way to start your own line of coffee without the costs associated with becoming a coffee roaster.

There are many private label coffee roasters that you can choose from. However, if you prefer not to private label and still want to create a coffee brand, you can do so selling other roaster’s beans.

Let’s say for example that you really like the coffee from two of the roasters in the list above. You can contact them and set up a wholesale account.

You can set up your online store and display the beans you carry highlighting each brand’s coffee beans.

The issue you may run into is having enough beans on hand for shipping out or having overstock by not selling your beans soon enough.

Depending on how well you build your brand, it may take some time before you know how much stock to carry without your beans becoming too old to ship out.

This is where private labeling coffee comes in handy. This is particularly true if you can find a private label coffee roaster that also does order fulfillment (also known as dropshipping.)

Dropshipping Coffee Beans

Building your brand is key no matter which route you take for starting a coffee business. However, dropshipping coffee may be the answer you are looking for.

Establishing a relationship with a private label coffee roaster will provide you with a high quality product. The dropship model saves you a ton of money up front as you do not have to buy any inventory.

Nor do you need to pack & ship products. You carry the products in your online store and when an order is placed, you forward payment and the customer’s shipping details to your dropship coffee supplier.

They then ship the product to your customer for you. You still handle all customer service inquiries so be sure to have contact information visible on your website.

Closing Thoughts On Wholesale Coffee Beans in Los Angeles

Sourcing coffee beans locally is the ideal option for providing the freshest beans possible to your customers. If you want to sell coffee online, consider private label coffee roasters.

Dropshipping coffee is another alternative that has low start-up costs. If you are ready to open up your own online coffee store, consider testing out Shopify using their 2-week free trial.


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