5 Wholesale Coffee Roasters in San Diego for Your Business

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If you are ready to start selling coffee but want to keep it local to your city (in this case, San Diego), you’ll likely find the following wholesale coffee roasters in San Diego ideal options.

Whether you have a local business yourself or you want to begin selling coffee beans online, dealing with local roasters enables you to offer the freshest coffee to offer your customers.

Below is a list of wholesale coffee roasters in San Diego that you can contact and request more information. Find out what their requirements are as well as their wholesale pricing.

Wholesale Coffee Roasters in San Diego

  • Achilles Coffee Roasters
  • San Diego Coffee Company
  • The WestBean Coffee Roasters
  • Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
  • Safari Coffee Roasters

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1. Achilles Coffee Roasters

wholesale coffee roasters in san diego - achilles coffee

The Achilles Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and coffee shop located in downtown San Diego. Besides serving a large selection of pour over coffee, they also serve breakfast and lunch.

Their wholesale program seeks to partner with cafes, restaurants, specialty markets, and hotels. They welcome you to visit one of their locations or their roastery to chat about the process.

2. San Diego Coffee Company

san diego coffee company

The San Diego Coffee Company has been roasting coffee since 1978. They are located in Oceanside on South Coast Highway 101. Their wholesale program provides beans to restaurants, bars, hotels, and businesses in the area.

Applying to the wholesale program requires filling out an online form or reaching out to them by phone.

3. The WestBean Coffee Roasters

westbean coffee roasters

The WestBean Coffee Roasters has various cafes throughout San Diego to include Bankers Hill, downtown San Diego, Liberty Public Market, and Bay Ho Roastery & Cafe off of Morena Blvd.

Their wholesale program provides coffee to various restaurants and cafes to include The Crack Shack, The Yellow Cup, Kensington Cafe, and more.

4. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

bird rock coffee

You can find Bird Rock Coffee Roasters all across San Diego to include La Jolla, Bressi Ranch, Little Italy, Torrey Pines, Morena, and Pacific Beach. They were recognized as Roaster of the Year in 2012 by Roast Magazine. You can apply to the wholesale program by filling out their online form.

5. Safari Coffee Roasters

safari coffee roasters

The Safari Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop located in Escondido. They were established in 1990 and roast small batches of beans per order. Besides offering wholesale beans, they also do private labeling.

There are no contracts for the wholesale program and they offer free shipping. You may need to call their location for more information as there is no sign-up form on the website.

Selling Coffee Beans Online

If you do not have a local coffee shop yourself and simply want to begin selling coffee online, you can do so by sourcing beans locally.

Some coffee roasters may have no minimum order requirements. This enables you to order a minimum amount of beans until your online store begins receiving steady orders.

Sourcing your beans locally lets you get the freshest beans possible to ship out to your customers.

Even better is if you can find local roasters that also do order fulfillment. In other words, private label coffee dropshippers.

Dropshipping frees up your time of having to buy beans and pack & ship them. Either way, you will need a shopping cart platform to open your store.

In this case, I recommend using Shopify as they are one of the easiest to use. You can open your own store within minutes.

Branding Your Coffee Business

Selling coffee online starts with your brand. You can target a specific coffee audience to stand out from the crowd.

In this case, if you do not plan on private labeling your beans, you could brand your business as beans from San Diego roasters.

Build a brand around the fact that you are in San Diego and highlight some of the awesome roasters that are based here.

You can even focus on cold brewing coffee and how the beans that you sell are excellent for cold brew. You get the idea.

If you want to focus on a specific aspect of coffee for your branding, there are many ideas that you may come up with.

Marketing with Social Media

You’ll want to use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube primarily to build your brand.

Instagram works extremely well for coffee as it is image heavy and there are millions of coffee lovers on Instagram alone.

It makes it easy to build a following and enables you to interact with your followers by running contests or offering discounts.

YouTube is great for demonstrating brewing techniques with your coffee beans. Tutorial videos work well and are bound to get plenty of views. Link to your store under your video description for additional web traffic.

Blogging for Traffic

Please don’t underestimate the power of blogging for free targeted web traffic. Most shopping cart software will have a blog feature. Shopify does and if you go with them, be sure to blog!

I have been blogging on various topics for many years now and it is how I am able to make a steady income online.

If you can write at least 1 to 2 new blog posts per week, that is all you need to grow a blog. Write blog posts pertaining to questions that coffee drinkers have.

Answer these questions in the most helpful way possible and relate your posts back to your online store.

Blog traffic can last for years so be sure to take the time to create new blog posts every week.

Closing Thoughts On Wholesale Coffee Roasters in San Diego

San Diego has many great coffee roasters and fortunately, many of them also do wholesale orders.

Whether you have a physical store location, want to sell coffee beans online, or both, sourcing locally is a great option.

Selling coffee online is easier than ever with the right shopping cart platform. You can have your own store set up in minutes with Shopify.

Test them out today with a 2-week free trial.

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